Aireloom mattress

The Aireloom mattress

The Aireloom mattress is among the most luxurious on the market. They exude great feel and upscale looks. All this made possible by the meticulous stitches, springs, and coils.

The Aireloom company asserts its mattress collections into five major groups, otherwise called collections.

To make these collections, the company finds its inspiration from the ‘simplicity and elegance of California living.’ As a matter of fact, the Aireloom company redefined the collections way back in 2017.

This was done to update the look of the mattresses. The new product has since been hailed as ‘freshened-up collection.’ because its plaid border fabric has been redesigned.



Let’s start with a closer look at the company itself. For a start, this company has an elite and generally affluent background.

It was founded in the early 1940s by King Karpen. Not that he was actually a king… This designation mainly arose from his penchant for everything royalty. The range of mattresses comprised of some top-quality materials. These included cotton, wool, cashmere, and thick silk layers.

The first batch of mattresses was mainly targeted at Hollywood’s elite. They were nicknamed ‘Rolls Royce’ due to their fine elegance. For this reason, the mattresses were bought by many celebrities and one sitting US president!

Sometime in 1992, Aireloom changed hands. It was bought by Earl Kluft. Later on, in 2015, The Flex Group, which is a privately-held global manufacturer and retailer of mattresses, took over the E.S. Kluft & Co. As we speak, Aireloom is still under the Flex group, but despite being a part of large a corporation yet give off the benefits of a small, artisanal brand.

The Aireloom brand comes in five product lines with multiple models in each line.   Keep reading and you will find our review of the different product lines complete with key features, pros, cons, and recommendations. Basically, everything you need to decide which of the high-end luxury mattresses you should buy, and where you get the best value for your money.

Karpen Luxury – the top of the pop


The Karpen Luxury collection is Aireloom’s top of the line mattress range. No expenses spared, made with only the best material in the highest quality. The construction of each mattress is made with a focus on the details.

Karpen Luxury is your safe bet if you are looking for high quality, luxury feel, and a great design. Nothing comes for free, so it does have a high price tag.


  • It is a very comfortable mattress
  • Provides good support for your back
  • Limited off-gassing


  • Hard to find information online
  • The price is high
  • It has been reported to sag in the middle sometimes

No doubt that the Karpen Luxury collection is our number one pick if the ultimate luxury feeling is your top priority. You can get it in two different designs: Original Streamline and Luxetop. In each design, you can get different firmness levels. The Original Streamline in Luxury firm or firm and Luxetop in Plush, Luxury firm or Firm.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury Luxetop Design

100% Rayon quilt, on top of layers of cashmere, Joma wool and HiLoft fibers is the foundation of this mattress. Ventilated Visco memory foam and Talalay latex go underneath in defined zones offering responsive support. In the bottom is a cotton knit tricot panel which helps to support the other layers.

The different firmness level in Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm comes from the different thickness in these layers. The softest one and the one with thickest comfort layer is the Plush mattress. The Firm, on the other hand, gives a bit more support but still have a soft feeling.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury Original Streamline Design

The surface layer is almost identical with the one found in the Luxetop Design. Same hand-tufting Rayon ticking with layers of silk, wool and HR fibers. The Talalay layer, however, is removed. Instead is an HD foam layer inserted to offer a firmer feel and support.

The Original Streamline Design has a different comfort layer than the Luxetop design. Talalay latex is used in the comfort layer to contour your body and a layer of organic cotton for added cushioning.  Zoned micro coils and Aireluxe foam is added for durable support.

The mattresses share the same support system which consists of nested coil design. 15- and 16-gauge pocket coils in defined zones provides pressure point relief to different parts of the body.


The Karpen Luxury collection is the highest rated of the mattress from Aireloom when coming to quality, feeling and looks. Firmness levels from plush to firm should assure a mattress for all sleep preferences.

This is our top pick when looking for ultimate luxury. But of course, luxury design and high quality come with a price. Namely the price… You can find other mattresses who offers almost the same at a lower price, but if only the best is good enough, the Aireloom mattress is the one.

Karpen Sidestitch Collection – great durability


The Aireloom Karpen Sidestitch is a modern classic with a mix of innovative design and traditional features.

This mattress series has a luxurious design with over 40 pounds of organic cotton creating an extremely comfortable and soft feeling. Over 560 hand-stitched side stitches provide an extra feeling of durability and support.


  • High-quality handmade mattress
  • Great motion control
  • High durability


  • It’s expensive
  • Little information online

The Karpen Sidestitch is recognized for its durability. With over 40 pounds of cotton, the mattress is for heavy duty use, build to last. In the collection, there are two different mattresses. The

Karpen Sidestitch super featherbed and the Karpen Sidestitch rip van Winkle.

Karpen Sidestitch super featherbed

It only comes in one feel and you can expect an extremely plush, soft feeling. The Karpen side stitch featherbed is ideal for those who sleep on the back or side and prefer a soft and cushioned surface.

For contouring support layers of Aireluxe luxury foam, Talalay latex and Viscoelastic memory foam are used while edge support comes from 42 pounds of hand-tufted cotton finished with 560 side stitches.

The Individually wrapped coils supported with high-density foam gives the super featherbed its ultra-plush feeling and durable support.

Karpen Sidestitch Rip Van Winkle

This mattress comes in three levels of firmness. Luxury Firm, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm. It’s ideal for back or stomach sleepers who prefer a mattress with a firm surface.

It has the same quilt as the Super Featherbed made with cotton stretch knit fabric, silk and wool fibers. In Luxury and Medium firm mattress models, an extra layer of pillow flex is added under the HiLoft FR fiber layer for added softness. The surface layer consists of high-density memory foam.

The Rip Van Winkel’s comfort layers come from viscoelastic memory foam, luxury film ventilated latex and 42 pounds of cotton. 54 hand-tied tufts and up to 560 side stitches are used to finish up.

In both models, 13 gauge offset coils and high-density perimeter support system make sure to give the right edge to edge support. A layer of ultra-high-density foam for extra durability is added.


Are you a light sleeper, you will appreciate the uninterrupted sleep, coming from the reduced motion transfer. It’s the offset coils used in this collection that brings this benefit.

The Karpen Sidestitch is a high-quality mattress collection with added luxury hand-finished stitching. A great choice for those who like the meticulous design. With more than 40 pounds of cotton, this is made to last. A seriously sturdy and durable designed collection.

Preferred collection – The most affordable Aireloom mattress


There are three categories in the Aireloom Preferred collection. The channel Streamline, the Streamline, and the Luxetop design.

They all share innovative materials like Celson latex, TENCEL fabric, and hand-tufting. A fantastic mattress with amazing cooling features. It comes in different firmness levels, so everybody should be able to find a perfect Aireloom mattress.


  • High-quality material
  • A fair price level
  • Great motion control
  • Big range of comfort levels


  • Not much information online
  • Less luxury feeling than the rest of Aireloom mattresses

Being the most affordable of the mattresses from Airelooms range, do not make it cheap. This is a high-quality mattress with luxury design and great features. The price will be in the high end when compared with other brands, But the cheapest in the Aireloom brand. Still, we believe there is great value for the money here.

The three models

All of the models have the same support and surface layer, it’s the comfort layer that makes them apart.

On the top layer, there is Tencel fabric. This is a material used to excess heat from your body and absorbs moisture. Great for temperature regulation. Layers of wool, silk and HiLoft FR fibers comes underneath before a layer of Pillowflex memory foam is added for extra support.

An almost identical support system based on high-density encased based perimeter support is used for the 3 mattress designs. In the bottom comes 15 gauge individually wrapped coils, used to create an advanced support-flex system

Furthermore, in the Luxetop design, you will find 49 outer-tuft, while the Streamline has 36 and channel streamline just 15.

Preferred Luxetop Design

There is three different firmness option for the Preferred Luxetop series. Firm, Plush and Plush Extra.

The difference comes from the thickness of the comfort layer. The firm having the thinnest comfort layer and Plush Extra the thickest.

The comfort layer is constructed with a base of CelsionPLUS Talalay latex. This layer helps to keep your body at a constant temperature and gives great pressure relief.  Below come layers of Aireluxe foam and a layer of cotton upholstery. In the bottom goes micro coil gauges

Preferred Streamline Design

You can choose from three different firmness levels. Plush, Luxury Firm and Extra Firm. There is a great similarity to the Luxetop mattress when looking at the construction. The big difference comes in the comfort layer which is less complex in the Preferred Streamline design, making it more affordable.

The comfort layer is made from a layer of compressed latex foam called CelsionPLUS. It has a great ability to regulate body temperature and is very comfortable.

Underneath, 8 pounds of cotton on top of a layer of Aireluxe foam.

Preferred Channel Streamline Design

The third model is the Preferred Channel Streamline Design. It comes in two levels of firmness, Plush and Firm. The surface level is rather like the other two models in the series, only the Pillowflex layer is left out. This makes this mattress a little firmer. There is also a difference in the comfort layer. It is less complex in the Preferred Channel Streamline. Airelle foam on top of high-density Airelux foam followed by another layer of memory foam.

In the Preferred channel Streamline Design there are fewer features in the mattress than you see in the Premium collection. Hand-tufting and handmade side stitches are left out to reduce the cost. This again gives a more affordable design compared to the rest of the Aireloom mattress series.


The Preferred collection is absolutely a high-end mattress that both looks and feels fantastic. A few features have been left out in order to make it more affordable, but for most people, this is actually a great buy with high value for the money.

Aireloom Latex Mattress – For contouring comfort


Latex foam and hand craftsmanship are used to create this luxury mattress. It conforms to your body and gives you great comfort. As Aireloom put it, “a deeper, more restful sleep”.  Maybe a little marketing like statement, but actually not far from the truth.

In the Latex collection, there are two models. The Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design, and the Aireloom Latex Streamline Design. They are both made with high-quality material, like PillowFlex, Talalay latex, and Tencel fabric, creating a very comfortable bed with a cooler sleeping surface.


  • It conforms your body
  • Great edge support
  • Gives you a latex mattress feeling


  • Rather expensive
  • Feels different than innerspring type mattresses
  • Not much online information

Both models in this collection share the same surface material. Both the Luxetop and the Streamline uses true-stretch cotton tricot to hold the quilt, allowing the comfort layer to contour your body in a really nice way.

The soft to touch feeling and the superior cooling properties in the mattresses comes from the quilted layer of Tencel fabric. Layers of wool, silk and FR fibers are added for enhanced cooling and better comfort, while a layer of Pillowflex gives that additional cushioning. Quilting foam is used for extra support.

Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design

The Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design is only available in the Ultra Plush model with a latex core. The major difference from the Aireloom Latex Streamline Design is the comfort layer. Visco memory foam on top of two layers of Talalay latex and a cotton layer in the bottom gives this ultra-plush feeling that many prefer. Total comfort and support.

The support system in the Latex Luxetop Design comes from the Aireloom Unitized latex core. It is a combination of two types of memory foam (Talalay and Dunlop). High density encased perimeter support is used to stabilize around the edges to give improved durability.

Aireloom Latex Streamline Design

The comfort layer of the Streamline Design only has one layer of Talalay latex in contrast to the two layers in the Latex Luxetop design. It comes in Plush, Firm and Luxury Firm where the thickness of the Talalay layer decides the softness. Plush being the softest and Luxury Firm the firmest.

The support system is also slightly different than the one found in the Latex Luxetop Design. The high-density encased perimeter support is the same but only the Plush version has the Aireloom Unitized latex core.


There are not many user reviews to be found online, making it difficult to find a general consensus about the Aireloom Latex design. In general Latex mattresses is known to provide high comfort without the overheating and “sinking in” feeling that many describe from memory foam mattresses.

Latex does feel different from Foam and inner springs, but maybe it’s just perfect for you.

Aireloom Aspire Hybrid- The coolest mattress


It’s often said that hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. Deep pressure relief from the memory foam and the contouring support from the innerspring.  In the Aireloom Aspire Hybrid collection this is absolutely the case.  An ideal mattress for those who prefer the contouring support of memory foam but tend to sweat a lot during sleep.

It comes in two models, The Aspire Hybrid Coil Support and the Aspire Hybrid Foam Support.


  • High motion control
  • Keeps you cool


  • Not many information online
  • Rather expensive

Aspire Hybrid Coil support

This model is available in two firmness levels, Plush and Firm. The surface layer is made from stretch-knit fabric with Tencel and is doing a great job absorbing moisture and keeping your body cool. Underneath goes layers of FR fibers, quilting foam for softness and a layer of True-stretch tricot fabric for added support.

The comfort layers thickness is different in the Asper Hybrid Coil Support depending on the firmness level. The Plush version is the softest and has the thickest layer.

One of the main features of this mattress series is the Aireloom foam infused layer with phase change technology, that helps to regulate temperature and keeps you cool during even the hottest night. A real gamechanger.

Underneath comes a layer of Visco recovery foam that contour to your body, Aireluxe foam for that extra support and cushioning and flexible steel coils to help pressure relief.

The support layer is made from a high-density encased perimeter to bring edge support and individually wrapped coils for motion stability. The mattress has 15 coils in the Plush version, and 13 in the Firm version.

Aspire hybrid foam support

There are three firmness levels in the Aspire hybrid foam series. Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm, with Plush being the softest.

The surface layer is a confirming knit fabric made with Tencel, silk, wool and FR fibers. Below a plush quilting foam layer and a layer of tricot cotton fabric to ad support and softness.

There is no Phase change technology in the hybrid foam support series. The comfort layer is made from Adapt Visco foam and aireluxe foam on top of a layer of micro coils that ads support and durability.

As the name reveals the support layer consist of a high-density foam core instead of the individually wrapped coils. The foam gives very durable support but at the same time a certain softness.


Despite being from the same series these two mattresses have a very different feeling. The Aspire Hybrid Coil Design has a sturdy but still soft feeling in the Plush version and a rather firm felling in the Firm version due to the thinner comfort layer. The Aspire Hybrid Foam design has a more slow-response to movement and feels more like it contouring around the body.

Aireloom lift

One of the main selling points for the Aireloom mattress is the patented Aireloom lift technology. A chamber between the mattress top and the springs provide a sense of the bed cradling with you without getting the feeling of sinking in.

However, we have seen reviews where people complain that they get a sagging feeling rather than lift.  Something to bear in mind when purchasing it.

The lifetime of the Aireloom mattress

The company them self, state a lifetime of 10 – 15 years. Obviously, it greatly depends on everyday usage and how often you rotate your mattress, but it is a quality product and there is no reason to doubt them.

Off-gassing and environment friendliness

Aireloom mattress has a CertiPUR-US certificate meaning that they do not contain ozone depletes, mercury, lead, or other harmful materials, phthalates, formaldehyde, or PBDEs. The off-gassing should be at an absolute minimum duo a curing process in manufacturing, so you should not experience any strong odor after unpacking.

Final verdict

The Aireloom mattress is without a doubt a high-end mattress with a luxury look and feel. The design stands out and only the best quality material is used. Aireloom has a reputation for providing some of the best mattresses and a price tag that matches, something we have found to be true.

There are a lot of different designs in the Aireloom mattress line, so we will recommend you find a store who has them in stock and test them out in person.  All the mattresses are different, so you should be able to find one that meets your demands.