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Aireloom mattress

Handmade luxury

Aireloom mattress is handmade luxury

The Aireloom mattress is a prime finish luxurious merchandise that is designed to be both comfy and extra hygienic than the common mattress. It has sure advantages, then again; as with such a lot products on the market, there are cons associated with it as neatly. Listed here are the high and low points of the Aireloom bed for your consideration.


The Kluft company owns the Aireloom franchise and manufactures top finish mattresses in quite a lot of sizes. The corporate started industry within the 1950s in Cucamonga, California, making it a longtime manufacturer. It enjoys an A+ Higher Industry Bureau score.

Product description

The Aireloom mattress line are designed to adapt to your distinctiveAireloom frame form to provide toughen and steadiness together with the best possible degree of relief from drive, in a luxurious setting. The development consists of natural fibers which might come with an outer shell of damask fabrics and viscoelastic foam at the inside portions. Some fashions characteristic wool, cotton, latex and foam in the bed construction. The design of each and every Aireloom mattress in meant to supply for frame toughen, comfort and durability for a longer mattress lifestyles. Additionally, they come in a variety of fashions that function varying levels of firmness to fulfill purchaser personal tastes.

Unique features of the Aireloom mattress

Those mattresses are to be had in various sizes and materials with mid to complete luxury grades. Sure fashions of the King devices are built in a 7 x 7 toes format so that they may be grew to become in 4 different instructions to lend a hand preserve the lifetime of the mattress. Those are higher than the common King sized bed and are intended for customers preferring roomy drowsing accommodations.

Convenience layer material

The relaxation layer of the Aireloom mattress varies in composition from one style to another. They’ll come with one or a mix of the next: wool, latex, cotton, reminiscence foam and regular foam. That is what creates diversity some of the completely different types and gives the customers plenty of firmness and types to make a choice from.

Advantages of Aireloom mattress

The original design of Aireloom beds provides a no flip design. Rotation of the bed helps to scale back the wear and tear and sagging that occurs with use through the years. A few models may be turned around in quarter turns, such as the 7 x 7 king size to extend the life. Heat is not easily retained in Aireloom mattress, which is a plus for those with a bent to put off extra body warmth even as they sleep.

Cons associated with the Aireloom line of mattresses

Aireloom beds are usually heavier than such a lot different beds and this makes them harder to rotate, transfer or to transport. Some customers file the desire for common rotation to forestall the bed from sagging. While sagging occurs, movement on the mattress is difficult and it may possibly change into uncomfortable.

Aireloom mattresses are a few of the dearer, ranging from $4,000 every to beyond $20,0000, relying upon the style and the dimensions. There is a question whether they examine in quality for one of these high price. Aireloom is a emblem that may be tricky to search out in some spaces of the rustic as no longer all branches of the related outlets keep them in inventory. It’s most commonly a situation of shopper call for that determines whether or no longer a brand is maintained in inventory.

Purchaser delight scores

handmade aireloom mattressAireloom bed owners surveyed showed a 75% general pleasure price, that is moderate. Memory foam models tend to off gas after a couple of years and to enhance sink holes. A few users stated having back ache as a result of sagging of the mattress.


The guaranty application for Aireloom beds are allotted in 10, 20 and 25 year agreements, depending upon the fashion that may be purchased. The corporate has been proven to honor the guaranty insurance policies to the letter of the settlement. Faulty workmanship is likely one of the major reasons for guaranty fulfillment. Different conditions which might arise such because the bed turning into uncomfortable to relax upon may not qualify as an action item if the workmanship and materials are not adversely affected. Upon request, an inspection of the bed is fulfilled by a representative of the company to behavior an overview and rule on whether the guaranty clauses can be enacted on a case through case foundation. The corporate has few proceedings lodged with the Better Industry Bureau and has an A+ ranking. The whole score of the company with reference to transparency of the mattress specifications, warranties, return insurance policies and customer service comes in at a C+ that’s reasonably above moderate, however no longer excellent.

The place to seek out Aireloom mattresses

The major retailers who carry Aireloom mattresses are Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Sit n’ Sleep and Raymour & Flanigan. They are tricky to seek out in a few places as not all the places of those shops raise the Aireloom or Kluft brands.

In summation, Aireloom mattresses are a top end item with definite advantages for luxurious comfort. A few had been disappointed with their stories, at the same time as the bulk have given Aireloom a prime rating. They are expensive, but carry a beneficiant warranty software that covers defects in workmanship or the quality of the materials.