Invest in your sleep quality – buy aireloom

Your sleep quality

It is an established medical fact that the overall amount and quality of sleep that we have has a significant effect on our physical and mental health. It is just about the most important thing that our bodies do – if we did not sleep, they would have no way to repair and recharge after the rigors of a nine to five day. For proof of this, just ask an insomniac.

There are 10 million prescribed insomniacs in the United States, who take medication to help them deal with symptoms like tension headaches, depression, anxiety, stomach issues, attention deficit problems, irritability, and even memory loss. If a person goes without more than six hours of sleep in a week or takes a long time to get to bed every night, they are likely to find themselves making mistakes at work, battling feelings of sadness, and just generally not getting the best out of life.

In other words, there are few things as important as sleep. Medication is not the sole solution, and should only be prescribed in severe circumstances. Especially considering that many tips and tricks can help send your brain off to the land of nod. For a start, millions of people continue to sleep on poor quality mattresses, something which can cause severe back problems – Here are just a few of the reasons why you should think about investing in a memory foam mattress.

Perfect Support with Aireloom

With a memory foam mattress from Aireloom, studies have shown that sleepers can reduce their need to toss and turn at night by up to eighty percent. It is a remarkable finding and demonstrates that this kind of design is perfect for supporting the skeleton, as it attempts to find the right balance between hard and soft. AireloomA lot of people make the mistake of assuming that the softest mattress in a store is automatically going to be the best for their body, but this is not the case because the human body benefits most from a balanced combination. This is why the Aireloom mattress has been designed to cater to both, with a foam support which cradles the spine, and a cushioned upper surface for gentle contact with the skin. This type of mattress prevents the creation of painful pressure points, but also provides enough firmness to ward off sinkholes, after long term use.

Kind To The Spine

The main reason for choosing memory foam mattresses, according to consumers, is their superb reputation for alleviating spinal pains and supporting already existing spinal injuries and problems. This is something which memory foam is great at because its main characteristic is that retains an imprint of the shape of your body – hence, the name ‘memory foam.’ It molds gently to the unique form of the sleeper, which means that the spine is kept in its natural alignment while in bed, rather than being forced into an unnatural linear position. In this way, it receives complete lumber support, and you get to enjoy a wonderful rest every single night of the week.

Reduced Motion Transfer

The infamous ‘wine glass test’ is an experiment which is often carried out on memory foam mattresses, to demonstrate their ability to contribute to reduced rates of motion transfer. In other words, a lot of couples find memory foam mattresses to be precious because they prevent the movements of one sleeper from waking or disturbing the other. For example, if your wife or husband tends to get up in the middle of the night, a memory foam mattress will not shift, move, or ripple like a regular mattress would. As such, sleepers are much less likely to be disturbed by the movements of a partner while sleeping on this kind of bed design.

Durable And Long Lasting

The memory foam design has been shown not just to provide support and comfort for sleepers, but to be extra kind to their wallets too. A high-quality foam mattress can last for as long as fifteen years if it is cared for in the right manner – for example, it is turned on a regular basis, and the springs are not worn out by mischievous little ones, looking for a bed to bounce on. In fact, there are very few products which can offer this degree of longevity and durability. A lot of brands offer warranties of up to ten years or more these days, alongside their memory foam mattresses, because they feel so confident about the staying power of this design. If you want to become a champion sleeper and save yourself some cash, this is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a mattress which provides support and comfort, while also promising not to break the bank, it could be time to try the Aireloom mattress. This unique design conforms to the body, and offers luxury as well as relief, while also making sure that sleepers benefit from natural fibers, high-quality fabrics and durable materials.