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AirPur Fresh by Aireloom


Aireloom mattress has even created a number of spring mattresses. Among other things includes this spring mattress, going under the name AirPur Fresh. It is an innovative and pressure relieving mattress. The focus is on creating an optimal breathability. At the same time without it being something that goes beyond the aid to be provided by the respective mattress. Fresh is a type of foam that is pressure-relieving in the same manner as an example. Visco foam, which is also the foam type, which among other things you will find used by Tempur. Tempur is one of the best-known brands in the industry. However, there is a difference that Airpur fresh has been equipped with some form of blue gel beads inside the foam. It helps to make the mattress more breathable and less warm.

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AirPur Fresh Gel

AirPur Fresh gel is a mattress that is a bit more solid than many other mattresses on the market. The bed has no less than 500 springs per. m2, so you are guaranteed an unrivaled support. It is of course also to make the mattress a tad firmer. Spring type (called Vertex) used in this mattress is also a bit less firm than the more common springs, which goes by the name multi-pocket springs. Furthermore, the mattress comfort layer also slightly thicker than usual. In the mattress, there are no less than 35 mm. Fresh gel on each side of the springs. You are guaranteed a mattress that gives you a formidable support from springs and brings you unbeatable comfort from the comfort layer.

Thermogel- and AEGIS-treatment

It is no secret that there have not been spared when it comes to an AirPur Fresh Gel. It also means that even the cover is of a really high quality. The mattress has undergone both a Thermogel- and AEGIS-treatment. It is not certain that these two treatments are telling you that much. But AEGIS is a textile treatment that helps to make the drug much more resistant to both dust mites as well as other kinds of bacteria. In fact, occurs no less than 25% of all allergies and up to 50% of all asthma-related diseases associated with dust mites in the home. You need no longer fear. Not if you get a cover that is AEGIS-treated. The cover is, of course, also both the removable and washable


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