Bed frame

Bed frame

A great mattress needs a great bed frame, They come in many different shapes and styles, so let’s look at some of them.

Kaagaard – bed frame in the neutral design

aireloomThe Kaagaard bed is cheap, modern and timeless. It can be purchased in several sizes.
This bed frame fits a 180 x 200 cm mattress, and it is both cheap and extremely stylish. It is also easy to combine with other white furniture, and you can, for example, take advantage of the space under the bed for storage of linens and cushions.
The Kaagaard bed frame is suitable for the smaller bedroom where space can be used optimally. There is plenty of space under the bed, so you can store bed sheets or discreetly and nicely. You can also leave the room free if you want easy access with the vacuum cleaner.
The four round legs have a nice chrome look and the main board consists of two planks so the bed does not have to stand up a wall.

Pippi – robust bed frame in solid oak or core beech

aireloomThe Pippi bed frame is made of solid wood, available in both oak and core beech. It is robust and stylish from top to bottom.
This beautiful bed frame is made of solid wood from top to bottom, and it is both a sturdy and delicious bedside table. It is available in either beech or oak. Both kinds of wood have the characteristic warm color and robust appearance.
The slope slopes a little bit backward, so you actually have a comfortable backrest together with a pillow. And it’s especially useful if you like to read before bedtime.
The legs are fitted with metal hook feet to break with the massive wooden look, and it is a stylish little detail that adds a little exclusivity to the bed. In Better Nights, you can also buy drawers and bedside tables. You can also leave this and just place boxes or keep the bottom completely free from storage, and combine with your own bedside tables.
The bed frame is available with a width of 140, 160, or 180 centimeters.

Messina – massive double bed with 4 drawers

aireloomMessina bed frame is available in a white painted lighthouse, nuclear beech or oil-treated lighthouse.
The Messina series bed frame is available in several varieties and sizes. In the picture, you can see the 180 x 200 model in the white lighthouse which is perfect for you who want a bright and welcoming interior of the bedroom.
Here you will find a cheap double bed with drawers. It is extremely convenient for you who would like to store bedding and decorative pillows directly under the bedside.
This bedside is robust and solid in a minimalist design. The drawers have no grip and roll out easily from the bedside when you need them.
The Messina frame is available in varieties of nuclear beech, oil treatment lighthouse, and white painted lighthouse.

Wing – modern bed frame

aireloomWing bed frame from Jabo furniture is made of luxury materials in a delicious and exclusive design.
This luxurious and unique bed frame is a sure investment for the feinschmecker. The design is both ultra-modern and completely timeless, as clean quality materials are never out of fashion.
The massive oak in the Wing bedside exudes quality and charm, and the height of the bed is in a category so it feels comfortable and nice to stay in bed.
This bedside table fits a 180 x 200 mattress, and you choose whether you want to buy the bedside table, bedside table or roller blinds. In addition, a superb bedside table for you who wants a good storage space beneath it.

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