Bedside blanket

Bedside blanket

Put yourself with a bedside blanket from Aireloom

At Aireloom mattress we have a large selection of bedspreads in many colors, styles, and materials. The delicious bedspreads can be used as decorative touches as you move your bed. It can also help to warm yourself in the cold time. And who does not associate blankets with cozy? A bed blanket can be just the detail that makes your bed both sleek and stylish. At Aireloom you will find a wide range of good quality bedspreads and beautiful designs that can spread the comfort of your bedroom.



We have both large bedside linens for the double bed 260 x 260 cm, but also 140×100 cm blankets that are perfect for the children’s room. Whether you’re looking for the simple look of single-colored cotton or patchwork blankets in delicious colors, we have something to suit your style. What about a quilted blanket in a delicious cream color, with a colored inside? Then you have almost two bedspreads in one! You will also find cotton bed linen and other fabrics that can be washed at 40 degrees so you do not have to worry if you are spilling on the rug.

One bedspread – many options

Perhaps you connect bed tags with the little detail that makes a red bed extra inviting. But in fact, a bedspread does not only have to be used as a decor but has several clever features. When it’s summer and too hot with a duvet, a bedspread is an obvious alternative that can keep you well-tempered and thus well-rested. During the winter months, there is nothing like a warm bed blanket to warm up before going to rest. In addition, nobody can tell you that a bedspread can only be used in the bedroom.

It is obvious that you have to put your blanket on the couch when you are in front of the TV. And who has not tried to lie ill at home and therefore put on both blankets and pillows? A bedspread is therefore both a delicious and versatile addition to the home. Find your new favorite here on the page. You can easily order your bedspread online or go to one of our many stores around the country.


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