Aireloom Karpen Luxury Mattress Collection

We are taking a look at this Aireloom mattress collection and looking at the comfort levels of the bed.

 There are three different mattress models: The Bel Aire, the Pacific Coast Luxury Firm, and the Pacific Coast Firm. The models all have the same support system, quilting, and the foundation.

Luxury look and feeling

 Foundation and the Fabric

 Each mattress in this collection is made from 100% versatile fiber fabric and a layer of 100% rayon is placed over 1.2 pounds of silk and wool fibers. Under this layer is 1 ounce of HiLoft giber which is fiber resistant. The density of the quilted layer can be 1 /12 inches or a one-inch layer.

 The mattress has innerspring inside that is found in a pocket of coils. They are led out in specific zones to provide support to the body and the pressure points. Under the mattress is a box spring made up of coils that are tied together in eight different ways. They are tied using Italian twine. The coils have an hourglass design for comfort.

Layer of Comfort

 All of the mattresses have two layers of the Talalay latex which is added for comfort. The latex is poured into a mold and seals with a vacuum seal. It is then flash frozen to make sure every inch has the cell structure imprint. This will be placed over a layer of organic cotton and Aireluxe foam.

 Each model will contain a different amount of this layer based on firmness.

 Bel Aire

 This is the softest lawyer and has an additional layer of memory foam above the Airluxe layer. The mattress is the thickest and is 14 inches high.

 Pacific Coast Luxury Firm

 This mattress has a medium firmness and is 13 inches in thickness.

 Pacific Coast Firm

 This is the firmest model in the collection.

 All of these mattresses are made by hand. Artists pay attention to the smallest details when they are making these mattresses. Having coils and side stitching by hand is something that does not happen often when making the mattresses.

 Comfort Layers of the Aireloom

 Feel of the Aireloom Luxury Mattress

 There are different layers of foam on each mattress, so they are going to have a different feel to them. There are soft and plush mattresses which are ideal for people that sleep on their backs and their sides. The mattress can reduce pressure, reduce pain, and help improve circulation to the hips and the shoulders. Since the mattress is soft it is not ideal for isolating motion and you may feel your partner moving around in the bed.

 The Pacific Luxury Firm has a medium firmness. It is designed for a number of sleeping positions including the back, sides, and the stomach. This bed will allow a person to switch position without a problem. It is good for motion transfer.

 The Pacific Firm is good for those that need a firm mattress. It is designed for back and stomach sleepers. It will help reduce pressure on the body.

 The Firmness and the Feel

 All three of these mattresses have the Patented Aireloom Life. There is a lot of information that can be found on the site. The mattress is breathable and low-pressure areas on the body will be cradled. Some users have claimed that the mattress sags over time.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury Vs Other Mattresses

 The mattresses are supportive of the innersprings. There are a tight top and different firmness levels. Many wonders how these mattresses feel based on other mattresses on the market.

 If any mattress is designed the correct way it can be comfortable.

 If you looking to compare this mattress to anything it would be a Beautyrest mattress. It has a medium firm feel and pocketed coils as well as comfort foam. This memory foam does provide a different feel than the Talalay foam.

 There is a similar mattress, but it does not have the same luxury feel. The Saatva Mattress has a coil on coil structure and will help support the back at night.

 Additional Information

 In addition to these mattresses being the high quality, they will come with a 15-year warranty. If there is a defect in the craftsmanship it will be replaced. A representative of the company will come and inspect the mattress in person.

 These mattresses are made by hand in the United States. There is a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania and another one in the state of California.

 Commonly Stated Pros and Cons

 After reviewing several different websites there are several common compliments and complains against this type of mattress.

 A customer has stated that this mattress provided the best night’s sleep that a person has ever had. It was called the Rolls Royce of mattresses. People have stated that this mattress provided the right level of plushness and support.

 There have also been many users that have reported that this mattress has helped with their back pain. the back was supported and would do sag due to the high quality of the material.

 Others have liked that this mattress does not give off any odor even when it is first removed from the box. There is no unusual smell even when the mattress if first placed into the home.

 Common Complaints

 The mattress is very expensive. Many people cannot afford to pay the several thousand-dollar price tags. It costs around $6,000. People are looking to see if they can get similar support without paying this high amount.

 Some users have reported that the sides of the bed can sag at times. With the price, they are saying they do not expect this to happen.

 It is difficult to find information on this mattress online. To see the mattress a person has to find a retail store that carried this brand. A person may need to travel to be able to find this mattress.

 Is the Aireloom Karpen Luxury Mattress A Good Choice?

 After reviewing information on this mattress there are some reasons that stand on as to why this mattress is one of the best brands on the market.

 This mattress is one of the lines is a favorite of celebrities including Frank Sinatra and Ellen DeGeneres. This is a complete luxury mattress.

 Most people reposition their body during the night. This mattress has motion control so as a person moves around they will not disturb their partner.

 This mattress is great for people that have back and spine pain. It will help ease the pain when a person lays down.


 Bel Aire: designed for back and side sleepers. Very soft due to the layers of memory foam.

 Pacific Coast Luxury: great for any sleeping position including those that move around at night. It is good for those that like a medium firm feel.

 Pacific Coast Firm: this is great for those that like a firm mattress. It is good for back and stomach sleepers. It can also be good to isolate motion.


 All of the Aireloom Karpen Luxury mattresses are made in the United States. These beds are handmade and use top quality material. The mattress does come with a warranty and a person will get the quality they are paying for.