Aireloom latex mattress review

The Aireloom Latex mattress is a luxury mattress, which is hand made by artisans in a labor of love. You pay a high price yet will have a comfortable mattress and sleep so much better. 

Aireloom has five different types of mattresses within the Latex, all with latex foam contributing to the level of comfort and the feeling of being laid out on luxury. Each of these types of mattress in the Aireloom Latex range will now be reviewed.


Aireloom – the company  

It was King Karpen who set up the company in the 1940s and it made a name for itself by selling luxury mattresses to actors in Hollywood. Former actor Ronald Reagan even replaced all the mattresses in the White House with Aireloom ones after he became President!

The Aireloom Streamline Latex range

Now there are four styles of mattress in the Aireloom Streamline latex range, namely:

The Aireloom Streamline Plush with latex core

The Streamline Plush

The Streamline Luxury Firm

Streamline Firm

With Aireloom mattresses there is some difference between Luxetop and Streamline, as well as the differences within the Streamline mattresses. 

The main difference between Aireloom Luxetop and Streamline is that Luxetop is made up of two layers instead of just a single layer. The Luxetop has a Visco foam layer and then a Talalay layer, whereas as the Streamline only has the Talalay.

Aireloom Latex mattresses only have a relatively small customer base as the mattresses are in the $4000 to $7000 price range so out of the price range of most people. For those that can afford a mattress from the Aireloom Latex range these of great quality, comfortable and come with a 15-year warranty.

Aireloom Latex – the Rolls Royce of mattresses  

While Aireloom Latex mattresses are a luxury brand people get what they pay for, the Rolls Royce among mattresses as brought by some of the biggest Hollywood stars as well as the White House. The Aireloom Latex mattresses are the ultimate in comfortable yet firm mattresses for smooth and uninterrupted sleeping.

The Aireloom Latex Luxetop Plush Core mattress is the most expensive item made and sold by the company. Its double layer makes it extra comfortable, with the Visco layer basically being the most responsive of memory foams. The mattress costs more because it has double layers, yet it is worth it for the added luxury and additional comfort. Furthermore, the Visco foam makes the Luxetop the softest mattress in the entire Aireloom Latex range.

Luxury handmade mattress from aireloom

Aireloom Streamline Plush with latex core mattress  

Now the Streamline Plush with latex core is the softest mattress of the Streamline types, mainly because of the latex core it has. Though it is not as soft as the Luxetop it is still a soft and highly comfortable mattress. Aireloom also does a version without the latex core, for a slightly less soft mattress. It does not have any memory foam, is good for those that sleep on either their back or their stomach. It will keep you cool at night, especially during the summer.

The Aireloom Streamline Plush mattress  

The Streamline Plush mattress from Aireloom is for those people who still want highly comfortable mattresses yet not quite so soft. Not including the latex core make it a firmer mattress at a lower price.

The Aireloom Streamline Luxury Firm mattress  

Aireloom makes this mattress for people who like a firmer bed yet want a bit of comfort in the right places to go with it. A thin layer of foam provides that extra bit of comfort for you.

Aireloom Streamline Firm mattress

If you sleep on your back, or your side and prefer a firmer bed with some comfort then the Aireloom Streamline Luxury Firm mattress could be the ideal one for you. To make it firmer, Aireloom does not include the foam that is included in the Streamline Firm version. 

All the versions are handmade and carefully constructed at two sites by Aireloom. All the mattresses in the range are well designed with great attention paid to every detail to make sure you enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep every single night. 

All the materials used are top quality and hand assembled to the highest standards, so the mattresses are the range that people are content to pay top dollar for as the comfort and support each mattress provides is second to none. If you have the money to spend on an Aireloom mattress do yourself a favor and spend it. The mattresses are worth every single cent.

Are the Aireloom Latex mattresses right for you?

If you are after more luxury for when you sleep, and you have enough money then Aireloom Latex mattresses are definitely products you should consider. These are the best luxury mattresses you can buy anywhere. Aireloom sells the Latex collection as their soft to medium soft range of mattress. 

The softer mattresses in the Aireloom Latex collection are generally better if you sleep on your stomach. Other mattresses may be too soft, meaning you could wake up with pain in your hips or shoulders. People who sleep on the Luxetop and Plush versions will not have that issue as their hips and shoulders are well supported. Even people who sleep on their back or side can also benefit from supported hips and shoulders.

Handmade luxury mattress from aireloom

Summary of the benefits of the Aireloom Latex collection  

Overall then the Aireloom Latex collection of luxury mattresses will allow you to enjoy comfortable nights of sleep for many years. These expertly constructed handmade mattresses are the height of both luxury and comfort with their hybrid combination of springs, foam, and latex. The care and attention that Aireloom take in making every single one of their mattresses are reflected in the luxurious comfort each of these provides. The prices of each mattress type in the collection vary because of the differing amounts of softness and layering yet all are highly comfortable.