We are going to look into the moment Aireloom Preferred mattress collection. This includes some three categories which contain some unique mattresses each.

Preferred Luxetop Designs™

Luxetop™ | M¹ Micro Coils | Firm

Luxetop™ | M¹ Micro Coils | Plush

Luxetop™ | M² Micro Coils | Plush

Preferred Streamline Designs™

Streamline™ | Plush

Streamline™ | Luxury Firm

Streamline™ | Extra Firm

Preferred Channel Streamline Designs™

Channel Streamline™ | Plush

Channel Streamline™ | Firm

High end luxury mattress from Aireloom

Even though all these mattresses are exceptional, they contain the Aireloom’s Tencel® New Age fabric. This fabric is only available in a few Aireloom collections. Underneath this fabric is the Celsion Latex. This lining regulates the heat output. At the same time, it relieves you of any pressure.

With that background in mind, it is now time to delve into the finer details of these mattresses. This we shall do to give you an idea of which could be the best option for you.


a.) Preferred Luxetop™ Designs

Surface Materials

The quilt on this mattress is the as that of the Streamline™ Designs surface materials. Its top layer has the Tencel® fabric. This fabric is highly sustainable which is derived from wood cellulose. Other than being sustainable, this fabric is also flexible, super soft, and provides excellent cooling support.

Underneath this fabric is layers of HiLoft FR fibers, wool, and silk. Below these layers come the Aireloom’s Pillowflex™ layer. These are exceptional quilting foam which is more resilient than most other materials. It is hence a suitable replacement of the traditional quilting foams.

Thanks to the existence of this layer, you will enjoy some great feeling of cushion and plush. Complementing this layer is the Plush Graphite foam. It basically is a convoluted layer of foam which is held tightly in place by a cool and stretchy layer of cotton tricot backing.

Comfort Layer

All these Preferred Luxetop™ Designs mattresses have some comfort layers. However, their thicknesses vary from one mattress to another. These differences definitely give off varying support and thickness levels.

Generally, the Luxetop™ M¹ Micro Coils contain the thinnest layers of comfort. The Luxetop™ M² Micro Coils, on the other hand, have the thickest layers.

Each comfort layer is an embodiment of six other smaller layers. At the top of each layer is the CelsionPLUS™ latex foam. Its role is to enable your body to maintain some consistent body temperatures all night long.

Beneath this top layer is an all-natural Talalay Latex. Below this latex is the Aireluxe trademarked foam. Also forming part of this construction is the eight pounds of cotton. The coils close the list entirely.

Depending on the exact mattress, the comfort layer in use will comprise either the M1 or M2 micro coils. Both of them have the 19-gauge designation. They are derived from thin yet flexible steel coils which confer added relief from pressure and further resilience.

These micro coils lie atop the “main” coil system. Lastly comes the viscoelastic memory foam. It mainly yields excellent contouring qualities. While at this, it also confers added relief from deep pressure.

Support System

As part of the support system of this mattress, it does come along with some high-density encased perimeter support. This one adorns the edge to provide added support. In the course of so doing, it makes you stop feeling as though you are falling off the bed.

Next comes the Support-flex™ coils system. These are coils that are wrapped individually. They retract independently of each other. In so doing, they improve your motion controls considerably.

To make these coils stay in place, the system relies on 49 hand-tied outer-tufts. In all, the entire perimeter of a King mattress comprises 1,052 coils whereas that of the Queen contains 842.

Box Spring

The box spring is laid on a foundation that is V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid. Some metal guards adorn its corners. It is available in some 5 or 9 inches; all depending on the kind of profile that is preferable to you.

Since you have the leeway to use your own profile, Aireloom prefers that you use theirs. This is to guarantee longevity. In case you opt for your own, the company asserts that you maintain it in the best conditions. This is to preserve the feel of the whole bed.

High end luxury mattress from Aireloom

b.) Preferred Streamline™ Designs

These mattresses bear many similarities to the Luxetop™ Design collection. The main point of departure is the comfort layer. Their comfort layer is less complicated, a fact that makes the mattresses cheaper on the whole.

Surface Materials

On the whole, the surfaces of these three mattresses are the same as those of the Preferred Luxetop™ mattresses. At the top is the Tencel® fabric layer. This is closely followed by several layers of HiLoft FR fibers, wool, and silk.

These layers are thereafter followed by the Pillowflex™ layer which is in turn complemented with the Plush Graphite foam or convoluted foam layers. A cool stretchy layer of cotton tricot backing holds all the stated parts firmly in place.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of these three mattresses has some CelsionPLUS™ at the top. This is basically latex foam which regulates the body temperatures and keeps you cool as you sleep.

Underneath this is the Aireluxe™ foam and 8-pound cotton layer. The micro-coils that are used in this layer vary slightly from that of the Luxetop™ mattresses. They are 17-gauge and make you feel firmer.

Support System

These mattresses do have some support systems. They commence with an encased perimeter support which is higher in density. Following them is the support-flex coil system. This has the same gauge count as that of the Luxetop beds. They are 15 or 13 3/4 gauge which is basically individually-wrapped coils.

The full perimeter count is nonetheless the same. They total 1,052 coils for the King and 842 for the Queen mattresses respectively. The only difference here is that the hand-tied outer-tufts number 36 compared to the 49 of the Luxetop Design models.

Box Spring

The box spring of this mattress is also the same. It rests on a V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid foundation. At the corners are some metal guards. Lastly, they are available in either the 9-inch or 5-inch profiles.

c.) Preferred Channel Streamline™ Designs

Surface Materials

The quilt of this range of design is pretty similar to that of the two earlier categories. It, however, lacks the Pillowflex layer, which means that the beds will not feel as soft and plush as their counterparts.

Comfort Layer

Just as the previous design, the comfort layer of this one is also less complicated. This makes the mattress great for those persons who require firmer support as they sleep. At the top of the mattress is a 3.5-pound layer of Airegelle™. This is basically some advanced gel. It is closely followed by a high-density Aireluxe foam as well as a layer of memory foam.

Support System

Yet again, the support system of this mattress is almost similar for this category. The only difference is the existence of some 15 hand outer tufts compared to the 36 and 49 in the two other models. Lastly, its coil count is the same!

Box Spring

Its box spring similarly rests on a V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid foundation. It contains some metal guards at the corners. Lastly, the box spring is in a 9-inch or 5-inch profile.

High end luxury mattress from Aireloom


a.) Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collections Feel

The three categories of mattresses we have discussed above have different feels. The Luxetop™ Designs are the most luxurious. This is given the most complex comfort layer combined with the highest number of hand-tied outer-tufts.

Further, these mattresses impose the most emphasis on utilizing both micro coils and variant layers of cotton and foam. This they do to provide some true “hybrid” feel. Generally speaking, the hybrid beds do offer perhaps the best features of springs and foam. At the same time, they minimize the negative qualities.

Also, these mattresses are less bouncy when compared to the innerspring mattresses. They however still contour to your body much as the foam mattresses do. This is not to mention that they perform a great role in furnishing cool sleeping surfaces. The memory foam mattress falls short of this.

The Luxetop™ Designs and the Streamline™ Designs both contain a layer of Pillowflex™. This provides a pillow-top feel which enjoys extra cushioning. The Channel Streamline™ Designs mattress, on the other hand, is simpler than the remaining two. Nevertheless, it still contains layers of Talalay cotton, wool, silk, and memory foam.

In case you are desirous of something complicated yet possesses the traits of a soft hybrid yet sturdy mattress, this is a good option to consider. All the three categories under this collection yield excellent support to the edges not to mention minimizing motion controls.

 Aireloom Preferred Firmness Levels

We are now going to ascertain the firmness or softness of these mattresses.

Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection vs. Others

All these mattresses are hybrids. They hence provide qualities which both the foam and hybrid mattresses do yield. They are truly great for cooling qualities, high-response spring, and pressure relief.

The only other hybrid mattress whose feel and the price is closest to this Aireloom Preferred collection is the Beautyrest Black mattress. That is because it comprises the revolutionary pocketed coil technology. It also doubles up as a memory and luxury comfort foam at the same time.

Just in case you have a liking for the Luxetop Designs category, these mattresses will bear the closest feel to the Beautyrest.

If however, you want to leverage the feel of innerspring and memory foam at a time, try out the Tomorrow Sleep. This is basically a hybrid bed which contains memory foam and a comfort layer.

For an Aireloom memory foam option that is the same as Tomorrow Sleep, you have the Channel Streamline™ or Luxetop™ Designs for your taking. They are the only ones that lack the memory foam layer.

Lastly, if all you are looking for is a solid hybrid bed with a low price tag, consider the DreamCloud. It is cheap yet properly equipped. In particular, it has wrapped coil components and foam. You might also try The WinkBed, as it contains a double coil construction.

High end luxury mattress from Aireloom

Additional Information to Know

All Aireloom beds feature the Aireloom Lift™ technology. This is basically a chamber of air in between the springs and the tops of the mattresses. They increase the areas of low pressure whenever you are asleep on the mattress. You hence feel as though you are being cradled.

Each mattress bears a 15-year warranty. In case of a breakdown or tear, someone will be sent to inspect the mattress in your home. Issues of defective workmanship have been noted to be the most prevalent.

All the mattresses are hand-crafted within the United States. The retailers at the US East Coast derive their supplies from the Pennsylvania manufacturing plant. Those in the West Coast, however, derive theirs from the California manufacturing plant.

a.) Common Praise and Complaints

At the moment, no online reviews are available for this specific Aireloom collection. You should hence research thoroughly to ascertain the quality of the mattress you are interested in. Speak to the employees at retail outlets and determine whether any of them owns the mattress themselves.

b.) Sizing and Pricing Information

Mattresses in the Aireloom Preferred Collection, as stated earlier, are cheaper than those in other collections. The Queen set, as a matter of fact, is priced to retail at $2,700 only. The specifications for each size are not available online. We hence recommend that you visit your nearest retailer to seek more information.

As pertains the sizes, Aireloom mattress has those of the industry standards. They will hence fit the existing bed base in case you prefer using the one you already have.

c.) Is the Aireloom Preferred Mattress your best bet?

We are now going to look into the major reasons why anyone would want to try the Aireloom Preferred Collections.

Luxurious and Affordable

Aireloom Preferred Mattress is luxurious yet very affordable. They bear higher quality materials and are also hand-made. In most cases, they go for around $2,000 – $3,000 which is little compared to the others which cost in excess of $7,000.

Proper Motion Controls

In case you are a light sleeper, you sleep with a partner, or simply want to enjoy some stillness while asleep, this mattress yet again is yours for the taking. They have been noted to do a good job of preventing motions all night long.

Their sturdy outer-tufts maintain you are in place and wards off the feeling movements on your side of the bed. It is hence great if someone is tossing and turning on your other side of the bed.

High end luxury mattress from Aireloom

Variable Comfort Levels

Lastly, these mattresses also have variable comfort and support levels. It basically lets you set your desired softness and firmness. Many of these beds provide a whopping eight options for you to choose from.

We finally finish off with the individual recommendation for each Preferred mattress:

a.) Preferred Luxetop™ Designs

If you sleep on your stomach or back, this is the best mattress for you. It is also soft and emphasizes the micro-coils. Sleepers have hailed the mattress for its comfort, durability, and coolness.

b.) Preferred Streamline™ Designs

These are the only mattresses which lack the memory foam layer. If you do not really fancy the memory foam, this is the mattress we recommend. They are also available in some luxurious firmness, are plush and exude some added firmness.

c.) Preferred Channel Streamline™ Designs

This last type is simple in design and construction. At the same time, it is also the most affordable. The mattress has a layer of memory foam and gives the options between the plush and firm.


In summary, the Aireloom Preferred Collection provides many benefits. These are care, complexity, affordability, and versatility. Additionally, they comprise some high-quality foams, natural cotton, wool, and silk. Some also comprise the memory foam. All of them have the hand-tied outer tufts which enhance the support and durability.

It hence follows that these mattresses are yours for the taking if you want luxury, affordability, different firmness levels, and top-tier materials.